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About Us

Are you looking for the best American made e liquids? You’ve come to the right place! Carolina Flavor Inc. is a family-owned brand and we specialize in creating high quality eliquids and cutting edge electronic cigarette devices. Based out of Wilmington, North Carolina, Carolina Flavor was born in the summer of 2012.  From the first days until now, we have kept a laser focus on creating the best vaping experience with American made e-liquids in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

What Makes Carolina Flavor Different?

There are many electronic cigarettes and e liquids on the market today and it can be difficult to sort through the junk to find products that really work for the everyday vaper. At Carolina Flavor, we make it easy with a vast assortment of top rated ecig starter kits, atomizers, batteries, accessories, and our own line of best tasting e liquids. Here are a few of the reasons that Carolina Flavor stands out from the crowd. 




If you are vaping a brand other than Carolina Flavor, then you are missing out on the best American made e liquids available. We offer 46 flavors and continue to add new options each week! Whether you prefer decadent Catalan Cream or a tropical blend like Mango or even Sex on the Beach, we have a flavor that will work for you.

We encourage our customers to try mixing and matching different flavors to create their own unique blend of e liquids. There are endless possibilities so don’t be afraid to experiment. Not only do we offer dozens of mouth-watering flavors, we also have e liquids in varying nicotine strengths ranging from 0 to 18 mg so you can find the strength that is perfect for your vaping needs. 


At Carolina Flavor, we are deeply committed to providing the best made electronic cigarette devices and American made e liquids. Our team of certified Quality Control Specialists goes to great pains to insure that every product is top of the line and no detail is overlooked. Our Quality Control team is on the ground, watching every step of the manufacturing process and conducting regular testing on every batch. In fact, each new product or eliquid is tested twice before it ever leaves our shelves. 

In order to insure that our quality remains at the top of the market, Carolina Flavor only uses high quality USP food grade, kosher ingredients. All of our eliquids are bottled with child safety caps and tamper evident seals and we provide warranties to insure that our customers are always satisfied. Carolina Flavor e liquids are made in the USA using only American-made ingredients, insuring our loyal fans that they get the best vape with each puff.


Carolina Flavor uses cutting edge technology to mix and prepare our e liquids. Our e liquids are made in a facility that is registered with the FDA to insure that our growing brand complies with all regulatory and safety standards. In the world of ecigs, things are constantly changing and we are working hard to insure that we maintain utmost integrity in product design and manufacturing to protect the vapers we serve.

Place your order today and find out for yourself what makes Carolina Flavor the best ecig brand of 2015!