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All Carolina Flavor Branded e-Liquids are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality USP ingredients, also produced in the good old USA!

Our facility is FDA registered. We take great pride with each batch of eliquid that is made and our quality control is second to none! Experienced e-cigarette enthusiasts will immediately notice the difference in our professionally designed blends.

Our e-Liquids are 20% PG and 80% VG, so if you are tired of the chemical aftertaste of your e-Liquid, the switch to Carolina Flavor e-Liquids will give you the satisfaction that you are craving.

We hope that you will try Carolina Flavor E-liquids for yourself. We have over 40 flavors to choose from including 8 tobacco flavors and 2 of the best Menthols on the market.

New to Vaping? This blog is for you.

New to Electronic Cigarettes? This Carolina Flavor blog’s for you.Electronic Vaping LingoAnalog – Slang for a tobacco cigarette.Atomizer – (A.K.A. Atty, Automizer) the component heating element that turns e-liquid (juice) into vapor. Usually located inside the clearomizer (liquid tank).Battery – The power to ignite the atomizer. Carolina Flavor is committed to the environment: ALL Cf BATTERIES ARE RECHARGEABLE. Also, Carolina Flavor Batteries [...]

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