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New to Vaping? This blog is for you.

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poster-8-64658-1-.jpgNew to Electronic Cigarettes? This Carolina Flavor blog’s for you.

Electronic Vaping Lingo

Analog – Slang for a tobacco cigarette.

Atomizer – (A.K.A. Atty, Automizer) the component heating element that turns e-liquid (juice) into vapor. Usually located inside the clearomizer (liquid tank).

Battery – The power to ignite the atomizer. Carolina Flavor is committed to the environment: ALL Cf BATTERIES ARE RECHARGEABLE. Also, Carolina Flavor Batteries are manufactured to have Consistent Stable Output and are designed to deliver the same high quality vaping experience form the first puff of a newly charged battery until the battery requires recharging.

Clearomizer/Clearmizer/Cartomizer/Cartridge/Automizer/Liquid Tank – the top part of the device that holds the e-liquid (juice), and atomizer. Two types are Disposable, and reusable. Some are top feeding (with the coil or wick at the top of the Clearomizer and the bottom feeders (with the wick or coil at the bottom of the Clearmizer) for the more advanced vapor enthusiast. The average life of the clearomizer depends on type, brand, and how often it is used. Usually lasts somewhere between 2 weeks and 3 months.

Electronic Cigarette (e-Cig, electric hookah,) – an electronic device that uses a charge from an attached battery to vaporize e-liquid  via a coil/wick. The electrically charged coil/wick atomizes e-liquid (usually polypropylene glycol and or vegetable glycerin, that may or may not contain nicotine). This e-liquid is contained in a cartridge or clearomizer attached to the battery. The vapor can then be inhaled in a manner similar to traditional smoking but without the tar an myriad of other dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes. e-Cigs come in a wide variaty of styles and sizes and can be designed for one time use or as reusable. (Also known as a personal vaporizer (vp) or an e-cig).

E-liquid – the liquid used inside a clearomizer to produce the vaping experience. Also known as e-juice, juice, the boss sauce, nic juice, oil, Carolina Flavor e-liquid, and anything juicy. E-liquids come in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. From 0% nicotine to 18% nicotine and beyond.

DIY- Do it yourself, in terms of mixing two or more different flavors of e-liquid or nicotine % to produce a personalized vaping experience.

Drip Tip – customized mouthpiece for the end of a CE4, T2 or the like.

Mouthpiece – AKA the Butt, the top piece connected to the clearomizer that allows the user to make a connection to their mouth. (Drip Tip)

Throat Hit – The feeling when the vapor hits the back of your throat. Some flavors, nicotine levels, personal vaping habits, and technique will all affect throat hit.

Vaping – Enjoying an electronic cigarette, also known as E-smoking.

Vapor – Produced by the atomizer, turning e-liquid to a gas.

Coil or Wick - The part of the Clearomizer that transports or allows e-liquid to come on contact with the heat or  electrical charge from  the e-cig battery.

These are just some of the basics. There are many benefits to vaping. It is a great way to move away from cigarettes, many people have been able to put down the analogs all together. Your clothes, furniture, and vehicle interior will not reek of cigarettes. The best thing to remember is to have fun, learn your preferences and take it easy. cm.jpg