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E-Cig Operating Instructions

New Atomizers and Wicks

First Use and New Atomizer Head Installation Instructions:

  1. Unscrew the atomizer base from the atomizer tank.
  2. Make sure the coil head is screwed in tightly into the atomizer base.
  3. Fill the tank portion of the atomizer with e Liquid, being careful not to spill any e liquid into the center tube.
  4. Screw the atomizer base securely onto the tank.
  5. Allow the atomizer to sit for at least 1 minute to ensure the liquid has saturated the wick within the coil.
  6. Screw the atomizer onto an appropriate battery for the resistance of the coil you are using.
  7. Fire your battery and enjoy!




DO NOT dry burn the coil head. Make sure the cotton in the coil is completely saturated with liquid before firing the battery. Failing to follow these instructions will burn the wick in the coil, making the coil head useless.




Carolina Flavor Branded Battery Instructions


For downloadable .PDF Instructions on how to operate your Carolina Flavor electronic cigarette and how to fill your atomizer, please click HERE.


Video: How to Fill Your Carolina Flavor CE4 Atomizer