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Vaping Glossary

 New to Vaping Scene? Check out our Carolina Flavor Glossary of terms...........


Ampere (Amp) –The standard unit for measuring the amount of electric current flowing from the power source (i.e. ecig battery)

APV – An Advanced Personal Vaporizer is any ecig with a chip or circuit board that controls features such as voltage, wattage, reads resistance, etc.

Automatic Mode – A mode on regulated devices that calculates the best voltage or wattage output automatically based on your current battery level.

Atomizer – Any device that contains a coil that is heated buy power from a battery to produce vapor.



Battery- Power source for the atomizer. Most ecig batteries are enclosed in a metal shell with a button, that when pressed, sends power to the atomizer.

Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC) – A Clearomizer which has it’s coil and wick at the base of the device to provide better wicking and a cooler vape.

Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) – Similar to a BCC except these devices have two coils instead of one to provide better vapor production.

Bottom Coil — A device which has it’s coil and wick at the base of the device to provide better wicking and a cooler vape.

Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) –Similar to a BDC except it’s coil is built vertically allowing for better airflow and a unique vape.



Cartomizer – A relatively small, opaque atomizer typically used on cig-a-likes

Cig-A-Like - An all in one device that contains a batter and a cartomizer that is a similar shape and size to a cigarette.

Clearomizer — A tank style atomizer that has a clear tube to allow for visual inspection of juice level

Cloud Chaser — A vaper who wants to produce the biggest clouds of vapor, usually with disregard to flavor or nicotine.

Coil — Wire, usually Kanthal, that is coiled in mutiple wraps that act as the heating element to all ecigs.



Diacetyl A chemical compound found naturally in many foods that is harmless when ingested orally but may cause lung irritation when inhaled. Some custard and butter flavoring in e liquid may contain diacetyl. It is important that regular cigarettes contain diacetyl in larger quantities than what has been deemed safe to consume via inhalation.

Dual Coil Tank (DCT) – A tank style atomizer that has two coils in order to produce more vapor.

DNA 30 — An open source chipset that is used in many regulated devices. The chipset similar to the brains of a regulated mod.

Drip Tip — A tip or mouthpiece that is attached to an atomizer. Provides customization and can be quickly removed and replaced to allow for dripping into the atomizer.

Dripping - A term used to describe an atomizer that has no tank to hold liquid but rather the user drips liquid directly onto the coils. These provide for much more intense vapor and flavor production.



eJuice/eLiquid Profile – A way of describing and classifying different types of juice.



Glassomizer – Any atomizer with a tank made of glass.



Kanthal Wire –Wire made of iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloys used in a wide range of resistance and high-temperature applications.

Kick Chip/Safety Chip — These are placed inside of mechanical mods in order to provide a short circuit protection at very low cost.



mAh – Unit of measure for how much energy a battery will hold and how long it will run between charges.

Mechanical Mod - A mod that has no regulation or electronics. It is simply a battery and an atomizer.



OCC - Organic Cotton Coil.

Ohm (Ω) – Standard unit for measuring electrical resistance; equal to the resistance in a circuit transmitting a current of one ampere when subjected to a potential difference of one volt.

Ohms Reader – An internal feature on an APV or an external device which reads the resistance of your coil.



RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer

RDA – Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer

Resistance – The ease at which a current can move through a circuit. Low resistance allows electricity to flow easily, high resistance resists the flow of electricity.

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer



Sub-Ohm Atomizer– Any atomizer with a coil resistance which measures less than 1Ω.



Tank – The part of the atomizer that holds the ejuice.


Throat Hit – The feeling you get in the back of your throat from the e liquid when vaping.

Top CoilAn atomizer



Volt – Standard unit for measuring electromotive force or how strongly an electrical current is pushed thru an electric circuit.

Vegetable Glycerin  (VG) — The other half of of the foundation of the makeup of liquids. Higher blends of VG result in a smoother thicker vape.



Watt – Standard unit of power for the rate at which electrical energy is dissipated.

Wick - The material that absorbs the juice and wicks it to the coil to be vaporized. Most common materials are Cotton and silica.