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Vaping University


Welcome to Carolina Flavor’s Vaping University. Pull up a chair and get comfortable as we learn more about vaping and why ecigs are such a growing trend in 2015. Let's start with the basics... 

What Is an E-Cig? 

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that offers smokers an alternative to cigarettes with no tobacco, no tar, and no carcinogens. The ecig was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in 2003 and quickly spread across the world as hundreds of companies rushed to create their own unique designs. Since then, the vaping industry has rapidly exploded to allow smokers to have unlimited customization and many options to create the perfect vape. 

The Many Levels of Vaping 

As a new vaper, you can choose from several ecig designs. A lot of smokers start out with a cigalike. This is a small lightweight ecig that closely resembles a tobacco cigarette. It has an LED tip on the end that lights up when you take a puff. The cigalike has two basic components: a battery and a cartomizer that contains the e-liquid. The cartomizers are prefilled and you simply throw them away when they run out of liquid. While a lot of people like the cigalike design at first, they don’t tend to use them long term. There are many benefits to using an ego style ecig instead and that is by far, the most popular choice. 

The ego ecig has a rechargeable battery, but instead of a disposable cartomizer, it has a tank that you can fill with e-liquid and reuse. This gives you endless opportunities for customization as you choose your favorite flavors and the nicotine level that best suits your needs. Ego styles also give you a cleaner flavor and really lets your favorite e-liquids shine! Because there is no filler material to pollute the taste, you get the best flavor with each puff. 

As you become more advanced with vaping, you might want to move up to a variable voltage or variable wattage device. This gives you even further customization by allowing you to actually manipulate the battery power to determine how much vapor you get with each puff. The variable devices have a lot of cool features as well, like digital displays, puff counters, and buttons that allow you to adjust the power levels.

Which Ecig is Right for You?

For beginning vapers, we always recommend the 650 mAh Standard Double Kit. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started: two batteries, two clearomizer tanks, a USB charger, a wall adapter, and a nice zipper case to keep all of your vaping gear together. We also offer options like variable voltage devices and even advanced mods for smokers that are eager to really test the limits of power and generate big clouds of vapor.

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